Types of Non-Immigrant Visas



Various types of non-immigrant visas are available for individuals who seek to visit the United States on a temporary basis. If you are not a citizen of the United States or do not have lawful permanent residency status in the United States, then speaking with an immigration lawyer from our firm can help establish whether you meet all possible requirements for a non-immigrant visa. We can help determine which visas may be available to you to help accomplish your specific goals and objectives as a temporary visitor to America.


Although thousands of individuals and families apply to live in the United States through immigrant visas, many simply wish to visit the United States using non-immigrant visas. Most non-immigrants come to America to visit family and friends, but others visit for work-related matters, medical treatment, educational pursuits, or simply for tourism and travel. Whatever the reason may be, non-immigrant visitors come to the United States yearly and greatly enhance the richness of life, cultural diversity, and ethnicity in America.

Temporary visitors to the United States must comply with U.S. immigration laws. Every temporary visa applicant is subject to interview by a consular official, and based upon the interview, the individual applying for a visa may be approved or denied of a visa. It is extremely important that all visa applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for the specific type of non-immigrant visa that they are applying for. These requirements are based on U.S. immigration laws, and must be fulfilled in order to successfully obtain a visa. Typically, requirements may include the following:

  • Complete the visa application correctly, provide the required documentation as listed
  • Establish eligibility for the visa category in which you are applying for
  • Overcome the presumption that you are an intending immigrant
  • Demonstrate financial support while being in the United States
  • Confirm the visit is temporary, with an agreed upon date of departure
  • Possess a valid passport
  • Proof of foreign residence
  • Meet all standards of admissibility requirements or have a waiver of inadmissibility

It is extremely important that you know your rights as a non-immigrant coming to America. Having information about the type of non-immigration visas that you will need in order to successfully travel to America without any conflict or confusion can save you from penalties or problems. That is why having an attorney that can work with you to help you understand your legal process is an incredibly valuable asset to have when handling and completing your visa application.


While some non-immigrant visas are straightforward or relatively easier to process and complete, others are extremely time consuming, laborious, and require proactive energy and dedication to see the entire process through to completion. We can help you understand the process and the required steps that are necessary to apply for a visa abroad, at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Difficulties or potential challenges may arise, but with the help of an immigration lawyer from our firm, we can discuss your legal options to help ensure your goals as a non-immigrant are met with positive solutions.

At Catherine R. Henin-Clark, P.A., we have more than 25 years of legal experience. Founding Attorney Henin-Clark is currently 1 of just 60 other attorneys in Florida to be board certified in immigration and nationality law. With specialized knowledge in her field, her exclusive insight into the legal process has translated to an impressive track record of successes and approvals. Her expertise can be of great benefit to your case as well!